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The Monster

The Monster

Amongst the dust, a hairband or two,

Maybe a tissue from when you had the flu.

There lies a most mysterious thing,

All the thoughts of scare it brings.

From underneath where you sleep,

It stays there until your alarm clock beeps.

For when light comes, it’s nowhere to be seen,

It’s only the dark that keeps it coming.

To feast on fears, darkness and fright,

It lies underneath your bed at night.

To describe this thing, it’s hard to do,

For everyone you ask, has a different view.

To some it might have fangs and red eyes,

Others would talk about its giant-like size.

A few say you’ll be gone in one gulp,

The rest swear it will chew you to a pulp.

In the end your imaginations wear out,

There is nothing there, without a doubt.

You’ll lie their peacefully, under your covers,

Until the thing underneath discovers,

That this person here, they don’t believe,

Just lucky I’ve got this trick up my sleeve.

The fingers will come first, dirty and shrivelled,

Than the arm, oh last time how they yelled.

The hand creeps slowly, slithering along,

Wrapping around your ankle, it grips strong.

You awake with a shout,

Your night light’s gone out!

And beside where you lie, laughing in delight,

Is the thing that gave you such a fright.

Your eyes open wide, your face is pale,

Staring at it, you mournfully wail.

It’s too hard to describe the awful thing,

That’s what you told those who came running.

Its face full of darkness, its heart the grey of stone,

The way it looked just made you moan.

Never again will you underestimate,

The power of things that lie and wait.

When told your story, no one believed you,

The only evidence left, your spew.

As for the thing that caused all this trouble,

It slithered back into its personal space bubble.

To this very day, it is back in its job,

Lying and waiting, seeing what it can rob.

Later when asked what happened you said,

“It was the monster under my bed”.



Nice poem were did you find it or did you make it up.

2w ago

I made it up!

2w ago

In reply to forrestpuff

It's really good I wish I was good at making up poems

2w ago

In reply to dragonwings

You can be! You just have to find the right inspiration (or that's how it works for me anyway).

2w ago

Lovely poem!

2w ago

I have literal chills

5d ago

It's so ominous

5d ago

In reply to bookwithbane

hehe thanks

2d ago