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Why Lenny's Book of Everything is so Amazing

Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee is officially on my favourite books ever list (a not-so rare achievement, but a great one nevertheless). Here’s a list of why (in no particular order).

  • Word choices
  • It’s simple yet descriptive and also concise at all the same time
  • The similes and metaphors – they match the feeling perfectly
  • Sentences – all amazing, all different shapes & sizes
  • They’re all very defined and different but not in an overboard way – they’re exactly like real people
  • Fantastically developed
  • They know exactly who they are, if you get what I mean? They are the person, they are so real, it’s just ahhhhh I can’t get over it (this is kind of like the one before but STILLL)
  • Lovable (Davey and Lenny are just amazinggg)
  • Encyclopedias! The incorporation and idea of them in the story is great and fits so well and just the concept of it is fantastic
  • How it travels through each letter throughout the story and ends with Z.
  • I was never bored in the whole entire book, which is pretty good considering quite a few books always have that bit you’re just pushing through to get to the good stuff
  • The way the chapters are set out (the height of the words and font and everything)
  • The cover is the awesome!!
  • Australian (QLD!) author
  • The little eagles and beetles throughout the book
  • Everything is just amazing and the writing is perfect

I definitely spent way too much time hugging this book after I read it.



I read this book last year and loved it, especially how it was so real.

16th Apr, 20

I read one of Karen Foxlee’s other books a few years ago - the name escapes me - and it was quirky and sweet and I really liked it too.

16th Apr, 20
inky State Library Victoria

I adore this book. I just loved it. Cried and cried. Have bought many copies to give to friends. A classic book I think.

17th Apr, 20